The Retro Search

Important information for Webmasters

We admit we've taken a bit of licence in selecting some sites to seed The Retro Search index.

If you're web site is being indexed by The Retro Search as part of our initial seeding and you don't want it to be then please contact us, not your lawyers. We're quite approachable!

Alternatively if you would like your web site indexed by The Retro Search and its not currently being done then register your site.

The Retro Search's spider respects any robots instructions in your page METADATA and your robots.txt file if you have one. We recommend you have one even if your not part of our index. You can find out more information about robots.txt here.

We do not harvest, download, store or leech any information from your web site, we merely index it.

A big thank you from The Searchmaster, The Retro Search!